The A.R.I. (Associazione Radioamatori Italiani) is glad to invite all Members of I.A.R.U. Region 1 Societies to take part in the

26th Marconi Memorial Contest VHF
I.A.R.U. Region 1 Radiotelegraphy (CW)
November 6-7 1999 (14 :00 - 14 :00 UTC)

The contest has been organised by A.R.I. to commemorate, as a Man and as a Scientist,

Guglielmo Marconi

Either the VHF Manager or the Contest Manager are kindly requested to widely advertise through their national magazine. The log must be checked by your national VHF Manager. Then, they must be mailed to the NEW MMC CONTEST MANAGER at the following address :


Starting 1999 we prefer an electronic log. Please send your computer DISK, files .DBF .STD etc. and summary sheet ; or send

all logs and summary sheets at E-MAIL adress :

Deadline for forwarding the entries : January 30 th , 2000


  1. Eligible entrants : All licensed radio amateur in Region 1 can partecipate. Multioperator entries will be accepted, provided only one call sign is used. The contestants must operate within the letter and the spirit of the contest and at no greater power the permitted in the ordinary licence of their country.
  2. Sections : A station must operate from the same location throughout the event.
  1. SINGLE OPERATOR Stations operated from any location by a single operator, with no assistance during the contest, using privately owened equipment and antennas (no club station)
  2. MULTIOPERATOR All other entrants. No more than one transmitter, or transmitting device, may be in use at any time.
  1. Contacts : Each station may be worked only once, whether it is fixed, portable or mobile. Any duplicate contact must be marked as such in the log without claim for points. Contacts made via active repeaters, EME or MS, do not count for points.
  2. Band and type of emission : Contacts must be two-ways A1A (CW) on 144 Mhz band only according to IARU Reg. 1 band plan.
  3. Contest exchanges : Contest exchanges consist of RST report followed by serial number, starting with 001 for the first contact and increasing by one for each successive contact, and the complete WW locator of the sending station. Example 579 023 JN54rk.
  4. Scoring : one point for kilometre. The final claimed score must be shown on the top part of the first sheet.
  5. Logsheets : The logsheets, A4 format, OR DISKS must show the following columns in the order given : DATE, TIME (UTC), CALLSIGN of the station worked, Exchange SENT, Exchange RECEVED, LOCATOR, claimed POINTS. A standard cover sheet, containing the essential information is request. The first operator must certify the correctness of the log by his signature.
  6. The logs and the address should be computer printed or typewrited or at least readable. Duplescheet is welcome. WE PREFER



  7. Entries : A copy of the log must be sent only the national VHF Manager or Contest Manager, postmarked not later than the second Monday following the contest weekend. Late entries will not be accepted. The submission of the logs implies that the entrant accepts all the IARU contest rules.
  8. Judging of entries : The judging of entries is carried out by the MMC Contest Commitee, whose decision shall be final. Entrants deliberately contravening any of the rules of flagrantly disregarding the IARU Region 1 band plans shall be disqualified. Minor errors may result in loss of points. Errors in the call sign and contest exchanges will be penalised by deducting for both station the following percentage of the score claimed for the pertaining contact : 1 error 25%, 2 error 50%, 3 or more errors 100%. A claimed contact will be disqualified for an obviously wrong Locator or a time error of more than 10 minutes. Claiming points for a duplicate contact will be penalised by deducting from the total score ten times the number of point claimed for the contact. The entrant will not be penalised for the failure of non-entrants to comply with the rules. The entrant will be disqualified if the logs will show errors in excess of 5% of total number of QSOs.
  9. Award : The 3 (three) top scores of each section will be winner of

Marconi Plate

offered by A.R.I. Sezione di Bologna.

Bologna, May 1999