S53ZOs comment: Thing that amazed me the most was that we were able to speak with other ham operators

all over the world. Even over to United States Of America.

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160m: IC735, SB221 QRO, inv. L
80m: FT1000mp, homebrew QRO, 1/4vert., inv. V
40m: FT1000mp, AL1500 QRO, 4el. KLM, 4sqare vert., loop
20m: FT1000mp, KO-1.5ZX QRO, 4el. yagi, 4el quad
15m: TS850, Redifon II QRO, 4/4yagi, 5el. yagi

10m: IC775dsp, Emtron QRO, 5/5yagi, 5el. yagi

Radio club Rocket S52Z via S52ZZZ

CQ WPX SSB Y2K M/M at Debeli Rtic field-day style operation!!!


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