8.7DbD Yagi for 6m.

My way of making a dk7zb antenna with simple tools.

Step by step with all the problems and the solutions i addopted.

May 2008 @ Radioklub Triglav S53APR

S55O BoĊĦtjan - Ian

Swr as stated in the plan 1:1 on the whole band. Excellent even without much knowledge!


mycall AT hamradio DOT si

drivenelementback_small.jpg drivenelementdetail_small.jpg detailsofthedrivenelementback_small.jpg matchingboxwiththerg59asmatchcable_small.jpg
matchingboxopen_small.jpg matchingboxdetail_small.jpg howimountitonaboom_small.jpg antennafinishedonthemast1_small.jpg
antennafinishedonthemast2_small.jpg antennafinishedonthemast3_small.jpg antennafinishedonthemast4_small.jpg antennafinishedonthemast5_small.jpg
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