FT-1000mp Mic Gain and Processor Settings


9h off ± 100 kHz
10h off ± 250 kHz
10h 9:30 h (2 dB) ± 20 kHz
10h 10 h (5 dB) ± 25 kHz
10h 11 h (10 dB) ± 30 kHz

Table shows the level of IMD products (splatters) at 105 dBc level at XVRT connector of FT-1000mp; always the same power level of around -10 dBm!

It is obvious that operation without voice processor (compressor, clipper, ...) is not alowed during the contest and by any high power station at any time!!!

It is to be noted that when Processor is enabled the Mic Gain setting has no effect!

Spectrum plots below are taken with QS1R peak hold function at 14200 kHz while shouting "CQ CQ CQ CONTEST" in the mike.
Scale: vertical 10 dB/div; horizontal 5 kHz/div.

No Processor

Fig.1 Mic gain at 10h, Processor OFF 
Proc 10 dB
Fig.2 Mic gain at 10h, Processor at 11h (10 dB

Proc 10 dB

Fig.3 Mic gain at 10h, Processor at 10h (5 dB

Date published: Sept. 2012