How to Bring Sub RX Input to Rear Pannel of FT-1000mp 


1. Introduction

FT-1000mp splits the RX signal to main and sub receivers after the band pass filtering (cost reasons) - so sub RX can be used on the same band as main RX only. Bringing sub RX out is fairly simple and can be done in an hour or so.

Why doing it? Paired with Javornik-144/14 XVRT that has double RX downconverter it provides efficient way of listening to two antennas at a time with stereo mixing of main and sub RX audio outputs (Menu 4-8, Stereo 2). In case one antenna picks too much  interference it can be easily muted with button on FT-1000mp front pannel.

Note: sub RX with this modification is un-preselected so for any other use add some band filtering.

 2. Modification

Remove the top cover.

Top Cover Removed
Fig. 1 - View of the sub RX cable can be clearly seen.

Sub RX Cable View
Fig. 2 - Sub RX cable pulled maximally up.

Fig. 3 - Find some suitable mini coaxial connector in your surplus box - you need two - be sure you have mating cable connector too :)
 - those types on the picture are really vintage ones (remember that company?).

Fig. 4 -  Drill two holes of appropriate diamater into the rear pannel - the right hole should be choosen carefully to allow for enough cable length.
Important Note:
cable is just right long for this excercise - but not too long - only a single cut try will fly.

Cable Cut
Fig. 5 - Cut the cable - read the Important Note above again before the final action

Cable Preparation
Fig. 6 - Prepare the cable end

Connector Assembly
Fig. 7 - How to solder the connector  

One Connector Assembled
Fig. 8 - One connector finished

Both Connectors Done
Fig. 9 - Both connectors installed

Rear View
Fig. 10 - View of the rear pannel after modification

Jumper  Cable
Fig. 11 - Jumper cable installed (original functionality restored)

Date published: Sept. 2012