6:4 non-Blocking HF/VHF Switch Matrix  

1. Modes of operation

Selection of 6 antenna inputs to each one-out-of-four RX output is controlled by a set of 6 buttons (see photo below)..

HF mode (mode where 4 receivers/operators can select any of 6 antennas): 

VHF mode (mode where 2 operators with dual-receivers each select a combination of two antennas): 
Auto-rotate  function alows for automatic antenna selection in cyclical order after PTT has been released (one can select how many antennas are being used for auto-rotate function).

2. Few photos

6na4 top    6na4 side

6na4 top open   6na4 bottom open

6na4 console

TK0C M2 CQ WW DX CW 2017.

6na4 tk0c 2        6na4 tk0c 1  

3. Technical data

Insertion loss.


Return loss.




Date published: Dec. 2017
Change log:
- Aug 2018: added performance data