High Performance 2m RX Converter

RX converter is built around proven state-of-the art components as used in designs of many home brewers in last few years (PGA-103, HJK-251H, PHA-1 and BFQ19S).
In its basic mode the RX converter only needs 3 coaxial connections - 2m antenna input, LO input (which also supplies DC with PTT sequencing) and an IF output.
The overall mechanical construction alows for direct mounting of the RX converter to the antenna relay (to minimize NF degradation).
Therefore the antenna relay can be placed as close to the antenna as adequate. There is PTT connector on the 2m converter to control the antenna relay with high enough current capability.
The IF cable then serves to bridge the distance to the 6-to-4 matrix (IF cable loss is low and it does not impact 2m NF).  
The LNA is preceeded by a narrow low loss filter to reject large signals from broadcasting stations. The plot shows LNA S21 characteristic:

LNA S21 

Some pictures of the RX converter:

Technical parameters (preliminary):
Gain = 31 dB
IP3out = 34 dBm
NF = 1.0 dB


Date published: July 2019