13cm/23cm Slotted Waveguide Antenna as a Packet Radio Node Antenna


With a 1,2 MBps  user access to the S5 amateur packet radio network one comes to the question of the PR node antenna coverage. So I designed a set of broadwall rectangular waveguide slot antennas. As a waveguide standard aluminium tubing was used.

First an 8 element antenna with slots on one side only was built by Dusan/s56sqp for 13 cm band. Figures show the antennas and measured patterns at 2340 MHz. The horizontal 3dB angle is almost 90 degrees and 8 dB angle is 180 degrees. 




Picture shows the antenna in radome (radome for GSM base station antennas was used) at S55YMB node:




Then two 6 element antennas for 23 cm band were built by Joze/s51zo and Jani/s55hh - one with slots on one side only and one with slots on both sides (for omnidirecional coverage).








Picture shows the antenna with radome (plastic tubing) installed at S50DBC gateway: