BC-654-A   Used in Yugoslavia after WW2.

The set is USA original. 


TUBES:                        RX: 1N5GT(VT146),  1A7GT(VT147), 1N5GT(VT146), 1N5GT(VT146)

                                            1H5GT(VT223), 3Q5GT(VT221), 3Q5GT(VT221)


                                    TX: 3Q5GT(VT221), 3Q5GT(VT221), 3Q5GT(VT221),

                                           3Q5GT(VT221), 307A(VT225), 307A(VT225)


FREQUENCY:             3.8MHz to 5.8MHz

MODULATION:          AM or CW

POWER OUTPUT:       LOW: AM=2W, CW=6.5W     HIGH: AM=5W, CW=17W

POWER SUPPLY:       6VDC or 12VDC only for RX, 6VDC or 12VDC and 500VDC for RX/TX

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