VHFCtest4Win is software for contest logging QSO's on VHF bands (50MHz and up).
It is build for all windows versions from Windows 95 and up.

Latest demo version update: 15.9.2004 build 33. See demo!

New: Mailing list for support and update announcement:

Registration information for VHFCtest4WIN is now available. Please see register section or click here to order!

ZRS Maraton

Latest version: 15.9.2004 build 2!

ZRS Maraton je brezplačen program za vpisovanje zvez v ZRS VHF maratonu - open activity.
Program si lahko snamete tukaj.

ZRS Maraton is free program for logging QSO's in ZRS VHF maraton open activity contest.
You can dowload it from here.

Thank you for your interest, Peter - S52AA