Frequently Asked Questions about VHFCtest4WIN or S5 Maraton

When I try to run your program it does not start what am i doing wrong?

Problem: Can not start program under windows 7

Answer: Right click on program shortcut:

Make sure that target folder (where you have installed program) matches your Start in folder:

Allow windows to run program in Windows XP compatibility mode and with administrator priviledges:

Problem: When attempting to run a program (for the first time) a message box containing the following error is displayed:
The PROGRAM.EXE file is linked to missing export OLEAUT32.DLL:VarNot."
Where 'PROGRAM.EXE' is either VHFCtest4WIN.EXE, either ZRSMRTN.EXE. Answer:

Problem: When I run program it starts, but I never see main window. Answer: Try to set more colors under display properties. Program will not run if set to only 16 colors.