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TTX-800 encoder
PAL Teletext generator 
brand new - unused

Standalone Teletext encoder, storage for up to 400 teletext pages (with option up to 800 pages). Real Time Clock automatically synchronized on to ext. DCF receiver (not supplied). Setup, automated pages upload and user maintenance via RS232. Device runs in DMA mode - no interruption on teletext transmission during upload & maintenance. Can be administrated at any time either via PC connected on to encoder, or remotely via LAN, WLAN, WAN (Win2K/XP PC needed close to the encoder location for upload). With a help of remote serv./client software a distant maintenance available. 

For sale (QTY: 1) of pretested TTX-800 encoder with sample TTX pages, power cord, maintenance cable and CD. Owners manual PDF (SLO)  

power supply:  ~220v AC / 20w/ 20w
approx. size 50 x 5 x 24 cm  (19"/1HE)
weight: 5kg total

870 €

23,3 GHz microwave TRANSCEIVER
microwave link

From operational microwave link equipment. Transmitter and Receiver currently tuned on to 23,300 GHz and 22,300 GHz. Including two adjustable 15 pole band pass filter/combiner for 23 GHz. Probably can be readjusted on to 24 GHz band.

approx. size 24 x 14 x 8 cm 
weight 1.7 kg

110 €

microwave link amplifier

From operational microwave equipment. Frequency  10,350 GHz.
2x  SMA input + output

approx. size 12 x 5 x 3 cm 
weight 0.3 kg

30 €

MDX 2600  
sound processorr

Two channel Expander / Gate / Compressor / Peak Limiter with Integrated De-Esser, Dynamic Enhancer and Tube Simulation, sidechain, auto mode for compressor and Limiter (attack/release), stereo-couple, Gain reduction and In/Out-Level via LED, Peaklimiter (threshold), -10dBV/+4dBu, sym. XLR/KLI in/out. Review link   Users manual PDF

Power supply:  ~220v AC
approx. size 50 x 5 x 20 cm  (19"/1HE)
weight 3.4 kg

120 €

Video multiplexer 16 channel QUAD processor 

High tech real-time video processing Quad unit with many configurations: hold image, full video, 4x4, 3x3, Quad, PIP, dual PIP, split / squish, ... With motion detection, IR remote, RS232 remote, on screen menus, RTC, etc. Serial port, alarm inputs, 16 video inputs, cross loop, extra VCR and monitor ports, PAL & NTSC support.

Specifications link
Owners manual PDF

Power supply:  +12v DC
approx. size 43 x 7 x 21 cm
weight 2.5 kg

960 €
PM 5652  
Studio VITS generator ED

VITS signal generator and inserter, Sync regenerator (Vertical Insertion Test Signals), capable of inserting these digitally generated signals into the program video signal together with externally applied signals.

Power supply:  ~220v AC
approx. size 49 x 5 x 47 cm  (19"/1HE)
weight 6 kg

250 €

System Video 1254
System Video 1255  
Studio Vaveform & Vector monitor

PAL /  NTSC video analysers, without enclosure (rack mount). Uknown condition.

Listed price for both together!

Power supply:  ~220v AC
approx. size 20 x 16 x 48 cm  (1/2 19")
weight 9 kg each!

310 €

24 bit s
tudio sound processor

Optima is a 24-bit Professional Digital Multiband compressor, Limiter, Enhancer, Denoiser, Featuring 50+10 presettable + 50+10 already preset effects for a total amount of 120
audio effects. Specifications link

Power supply:  ~220v AC
approx. size 48 x 5 x 20 cm  (19"/1HE)
weight 2 kg

165 €
DVB-S Satlook Micro+
Satelite DVB and DATV analyser 

Owners manual PDF

Measure RF signal level, IQ Constellation, detect DVB ID, etc etc.

IF input 2x F female, DB-9
Power supply: internal Accu
External  +12v DC (PS included)

298 €
Male RF POWER CONNECTOR 7/16 M - LCF 7/8" Cu 2Y  

Brand new silvered RF power coaxial connector 7/16 Male, for 7/8" cable. 

approx. size 10 x 4 cm 
weight 0,3 kg
price:  per piece

27 €
Female RF POWER CONNECTOR 7/16 M - LCF 7/8" Cu 2Y  

Brand new silvered RF power coaxial connector 7/16 Female, for 7/8" cable. 

approx. size 10 x 4 cm 
weight 0,3 kg
price:  per piece

27 €
RF POWER CONNECTOR            CEL 50-16-028  7/16 M - LCF 1/2"  CEL 50-16-771  7/16 M - LCF 1/2"   

Brand new silvered RF power coaxial connector 7/16 Female and Male (used), for 1/2" flex cable. 

approx. size 7 x 4 cm 
weight 0,2 kg
price:  per piece

19 €

Marconi  8.2 - 12.4 GHz
Marconi 12.4 - 18.0 GHz 
In excellent condition

Listed price: for both together

weight approx. 6 kg

320 €
Phillips / FLUKE  PM 5418 TDSI

Multistandard color TV pattern generator  PAL, NTSC, SECAM

Including GPIB interface PM 9547G  
Both in excellent condition

Brief selection guide PDF
User manual PM 5418 TDSI
an 574 page PDF

approx. size 30 x 14 x 40 cm
weight 11 kg

840 €
Wavetek 907A     7 - 12.4 GHz
microwave RF generator

An extremely flexible generator, a CW signal source with AM, FM, Pulse Modulation and Sweep capabilities. All parameters are independently adjustable and can be externally controlled. Available pulse mod., frequency modulation, and sweep ramp signals from either the internal modulation generator or an external input. Auxiliary output and internal modulator signals are also available at the front panel. Covers the frequency range up to 12.4GHz, 0 to -127 dBm, frequency and level readout via 3 1/2 digit LCD displays.

Instructions manual Wavetek 907A

approx. size 45 x 16 x 60 cm  (19")
weight 23 kg

! Covers the frequency range from 7.0 to 8.0 GHz and 9.6 to 12.4GHz !

750 €
Modulation meter  0.1 - 1.3 GHz

The Boonton 82AD-01 is useful lab tool for design, production line, and field testing of FM and AM transmitters and signal generators, making it an excellent choice.

Specifications: link
GPIB interface
Power supply:  220v AC
approx. size 32 x 15 x 40 cm
weight 7 kg

420 €
high power Microwave transistor

brand new - unused

BLF 2057L                 52 €
60W, 2.4 GHz, LDMOS

XLF 2022-30              30 €
30W ?, 2.4 GHz, LDMOS

brand new - unused

M57721M              36 €
400~450MHz, 7W, FM
M57768                 28 €
890~915MHz, 6W, FM
M57776                 15 €
890~915MHz, 300mW, FM
M57791                 21 €
890~915MHz, 3W, FM
BGY33                 114 €
80~108MHz, 30W, FM
MHW710-3            32 €
470~512MHz, 15W   link
MHW720-A2         38 €
440~470MHz, 20W   link

Microwave transistor
new - unused

MGF K30M4045          
1W,  14 GHz, IM GaAs FET

24 €
transmitter Microwave transistor

new - unused

6W ?,  6 GHz ?, power IMFET

32 €
YIG-tuned Microwave Oscillator

unused - unknown condition

3~6 GHz, SMA, YIG scillator

69 €
NPN RF power transistor
new - unused

100W,  30~200 MHz, RF power
link   link2

82 €
RF power transistor
new - unused

BLV25                         120 €
175W,  108 MHz, RF power
link    link2   link3

BLV32F                       69 €
10W,  224 MHz, RF power

RF NPN  power transistors
new - unused

BLW32   A-class linear    72 €
10W,  860 MHz, UHF-L <3.5GHz
BLY30                                29 €
30W,  50 MHz, RF power NPN
BLY81A                             24 €
?W,  175 MHz, RF power NPN
BLY91A    A,B,C-class     24 €
8W,  175 MHz, RF power NPN
BLY92A                             30 €
10W,  138~175 MHz, RF power NPN

CATV amplifier MODULE
new - unused

BGY55/01                      17 €
40~300MHz, VHF
BGY885   linear             34 €
40~860MHz, VHF/UHF

VHF/UHF wide band amplifier
new - unused

40~860MHz, VHF/UHF
link  link2

29 €
VHF/UHF wide band amplifier
new - unused

40~860MHz, VHF/UHF
link   link2

44 €
UHF helical filter
new - unused  

959MHz, UHF 3 pole

8 €
Step recovery DIODE
new - unused  

5082-0300  varactor multiplier diode
200MHz / 15W,  2GHz / 2W,  
6GHz / 400mW
link    link1   link2

18 €
Collection of SAW FILTERS
new - unused  

8409 132A  CTI
(price for complete collection)

link   link1   link2

19 €
  SAT tuner
new - unused 

Japan made SAT tuners for sale. Models: 

BSDE5 248A

2.5GHz PLL ic's with I2C bus inside ...

11 €
RF POWER CONNECTOR            7/16 Male/Female  90Ί   

Suhner connector.

approx. size 6 x 4 cm 
weight 0,2 kg
price:  per piece

14 €
RF POWER BRIDGE                       7/16 Male - Male bridge  90Ί   

approx. size 12 x 6 cm 
weight 0,4 kg
price:  per piece

15 €

RF POWER "T" BRIDGE                      7/16 Female - Male - Female                T bridge  90Ί   

approx. size 12 x 7 x 6 cm 
weight 0,5 kg
price:  per piece

20 €
      2,5 GHz audio/video TRANSMITTER
new - unused 

Wide band FM TV/ATV PLL stereo transmitter with processor control unit 

500~900mW,  2260~2500 MHz
250 KHz step, VFO, memories, PLL lock status etc. RF out: SMA
Video input:  CVBS - composite
Audio input:  left + right
Power supply:  +12v DC  800mA

370 €
UHF transmitter CIRCULATOR

MACOM  MA7R071-S005

Double circulator / isolator  from 390 MHz UPWARD.  3x  "N" female conn.

Approx. size 14 x 7 x 3cm 
Weight:  aprox. 1 kg

29 €



Four pole RX / TX duplexer  from 402 MHz UPWARD.  3x  "N" female conn.

Approx. size 16 x 26 x 5cm 
Weight:  aprox. 2,1 kg

70 €
UHF  transmitter SWR bridge

SWR bridge  RS 9694 B 

Measurement coupler 500/50W
2x  "7/16" male/female conn.
2x  "BNC" female + meas. cable

Approx. size 12 x 14 x 3cm 
Weight:  aprox. 1 kg

64 €
N-connectors, MALE
Brand new - unused 

high quality cables

Special "N" type male connectors for special coaxial cables  DC ~ 10 GHz
Weight:  aprox. 100g     link

8 €


High Power  N-connectors 7/16 connectors Bridges etc.

T.b.d.  soon

                    ERICSSON  COMPACT 9000 POCSAG
base transmitter

Base digital POCSAG transmitter, P-out up to 30W. Used, unmodified in original state. Base station controller computer built in. Ready to be modified for use in HAMcall 70cm paging systems. Includes HARDWARE MANUAL, a 213 pages PDF.

approx. size 13 x 48 x 38cm (19")
Weight:  aprox. 16 kg

170 €

Measuring range 0-100 mm / 0-150 mm, accuracy 0,01 mm, max. speed 1,5m/sec.  Both new, unused.

LCD display, INCH & METRIC system. Power 1,55v  SR44 battery
size  100mm   24 x 7 x 3 cm       35 €
size  150mm   29 x 7 x 3 cm       48 €

        Compact C-9000 an 19" 300W UHF 70cm power amplifier (already modified for 430-440 MHz)

up to 30W inp for up to 280W output, FM, SSB and digital.

approx. size 48 x 38 x 14 cm (19")
weight 18 kg

579 €

Wandel & Goltermann analyzer. Data IN/OUT, V.24 (DB25), X.21, VIDEO out (BNC), ... Supply voltage ~220V AC. Build in options: Simulation, 511/2048 bit test, Time measurements, Distortion measurements, X.21 interface plug-in, V.24 measuring interface (rear), Level 3 find function, Option coder ROM CCIR Nr.II, Data cassette recorder. In working order, excellent cosmetic condition.

approx. size 20 x 44 x 42cm (19")
weight  12 kg 

149 €
    RS-492F UHF dual BPF

Band pass filter (extremely narrow), mechanically adjustable on front plate.

approx. size 48 x 61 x 16 cm (19")
weight 18 kg

100 €
                  HARRIS MDL-2023

23 / 24 GHz microwave link transceiver. Complete head, unmodified.

approx. size 27 x 32 cm
weight 9 kg


260 €


Two AV channel MPEG-2 encoder (stereo), DVB multiplexer, QPSK modulator and Teletext encoder built in. Additional ultra linear Moseley RF power amplifier for 23 cm band. 

DVB-S encoder  (19"/1HE)   
RF out 10 mW, SMA
AV input chinch + BNC
Remote serial, software included
Power supply:  +12v DC

Moseley RF PA  (19")    
12 W PA:  inp 10 mW, N type;
out 5-6 W DVB, N type.
Power supply:  220v AC

SOLD OUT 32 GHz Digital link TRANSCEIVER   Brand new - unused   
Brand new - unused 

Wide band TV/ATV link transmitter 

250mW,    10.180 GHz
(frequency can be readjusted)

Basis Band input, F female
Power supply:  +12v DC

WANTED  we are looking for: Anritsu MS2602A
0.1~8.5GHz spectrum analyser
Service manual (Part 2)