RadioClub Domzale

S53CAB - S50C - S51CAB

Welcome to the official Home Page of Ham club Domzale-S53CAB.

On this pages you may find some interesting stuff like:
  • webcam, where you can see us at S51CAB and S50C location
  • history of hamradio in Domzale
  • equipment and antennas that we use
  • our activities on different bands
  • report files from contests
  • antennas, linears and other homebrewed equipment
  • pictures from meetings, contesting, and other activities
  • ...

This page is still in development so we apologize for any problems which can occur while browsing.

ZONE = 15

ITU = 28

  • S50C = JN76JG
  • S51CAB = JN76HD
  • Contact:

    Radioclub Domzale, S53CAB
    P.O. BOX 50
    1230 Domzale

    Want to see us live?
    All webcams are currently

    ARRL CW 2019 2019
    Report file
    CQ WW 160 CW - TK0C 2019
    Report file

    Compare the VHF & up scores by years for selected contest which we made during the past years.