HurricaneFactory: an attempt to create a comprehensive toolchain for softradio design.

by Karl-Max Wagner & Ikuo Oka

1   Instead of a preface: the woes of today's softradio designer

1.1   Why doesn't the softradio field really take off ?

1.1.1   Is it the Hardware side ?

Today we have:

1.1.2   ....or the software side ?

Today we have:

Hardware design these days is done using complex functional units ( IC's ), often made for specific fields of application. Software design is done from the ground up, without the help of powerful functional units.

1.1.3   Requirements for today's softradio designer

Such a person must be:

in other words: a communications ubergeek.

1.2   What would help make things better ?

1.2.1   How does a conventional radio designer work ?

Design of circuits implies:

1.2.2   A toolchain - what should it do ?

2   The Design of HurricaneFactory

2.1   Overall design

2.2   The Frontend

2.3   The simulation system

2.4   The Frontend and Simulation System Libraries

2.5   The Backend

2.5.1   Prerequisite definition

2.5.2   Dynamic code, static code, data sets on hold

2.5.3   Code synthesis

2.5.4   Backend library system and hardware data base

made up of function sets for each supported architecture

2.5.5   Library function design

Explain picture

3   System development questions

3.1   The frontend / backend library relationship

3.2   The library synchronization development cycle

4   Conclusion

This document was translated from LATEX by HEVEA and some homemade shell scripts.