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Here you can find some ugly, definitely pre-alpha code of HurricaneFactory and also some applications used to test it.

Little Perl goodies

This tarball contains an assortment of little perl scripts I wrote because I needed them at some time or another. They might come in handy. However, most of them are not documented yet and some of them only speak German. Have to change that....

Get them here

Libretto 100 PCMCIA Mini HOWTO

Normally PCMCIA works well under Linux - in fact so well that most people don't waste a lot of thought on that - it just works out of the box. Enter the Toshiba Libretto 100: its PCMCIA chipset is not overly well documented and this forces developers to guess and experiment.

However, finally Shigehiro Nomura from Yokohama cracked down on it and made it work. His patch now is included in David Hinds' pcmcia-cs system. Shigehiro, however, really did detail research on that recalcitrant chipset and found out a lot of interesting details. So many in fact that not making his findings available to the public would have been a deadly sin ;-). So we made a little HOWTO. And here it is....

Here is the patch mentioned in the HOWTO.

On the pcmcia-cs site there is actually a data sheet of the ToPIC chip ( David Hinds considers it insufficient ) which is written in M$ Word format. As this format is not exactly to everybody's liking and I recently found a good tool to convert most word stuff into something sensible I did exactly that with the ToPIC word file. Here is the output....