SCC RTTY 2001 Competitor's Comments

CX9AU - Good 20 mts conditions work VK, ZL, and JA stations. Worked J8PA on four bands. The best signal on 40 was UA9CDV. My working conditions on transmmition are very poor because not have the cable connections and use the PC speaker near the mike, do you read me ok? hi...

DL2YCA - It was very interesting...could not work the whole 15m band, but I got more QSOs in my log than last year.

G0MTN - Excellent rtty contest. Good condx (apart from flare)and great support. See you next time...

GU0SUP - Didn't get enough time to operate, and it seems as though I didn't miss too much as conditions were not good anyway. Had fun despite the low number of QSO's, and it is always nice to try and find the lowest year!

JF2SKV - I enjoyed the contest and QSO's with excellent operators. Thanks! Must improve my antenna and skill for next year. Thanks to all for contacts!

K3WW - Sorry I could not put in more time.

K4GMH - Thanks for sponsoring the contest. Had commitments and didn't get to spend as much time as would like. Wait until next year.

K7WM - 24-hour format is great. If 10m had opened and if somebody would come down on 80m, this would have been a contest to remember. All in all, had great time regardless of the flare!

KE5OG - Fought the computer all day, amp shut down three times and an X5.3 Class Flare otherwise a perfect weekend. Thanks to SCC for a fun contest!

KW4DA - Need more 40-meter activity!

OK1JN - Not much stations!

ON4KGL - Nice contest and hope to work you in 2002.

S50U - Very bad QRM from RADAR on 20m make band unusable. They switch damn thing OFF at 23:00Z exactly. Any one know more on that? Not much USAs check above 14102 where was clean spot anyway :-) Participation in this contest goes up rapidly, best QSO total ever, thanks to new rules too.

S52JK - Just test of equipment and OP!

S56A - First SCC RTTY contest suffered from huge magnetic storm, this time X-rays, what is next? Enjoyed it anyway!

YU7AE - This was my 3rd SCC RTTY. I was not able to work the entire contest again, this year because of family reasons. I have been enjoying in great contest. Conditions were not the best but it was nice to work some old RTTY friends. Best regards!