The SCC RTTY Championship 2001 brought us the highest number of the participants ever and new all time records in all 4 possible categories. The bands were in a quite good shape, perhaps the 10m band was not so "alive" as it should be to reach the magic number of 1000 QSO in this 24 hours long contest.

The winner of the Single Op. HP category was an experienced OM, Oleg - UA9CDV, who comes from Asiatic Russia. Danilo - S50U, who took a 2nd place, had the biggest number of mults in Single Op. category and he has reached 83% of Oleg's score. He was the lonely European station within the first 4 places. Third place belongs to a very active RTTY contester Yuri - UN6P from Kazakhstan.

The winner of the Single Op. LP category (the category with the highest number of logs received) Igor - RG9O (op. RZ9OU), also comes from Asia like the winner in HP category. Second place belongs to XYL Tony - LZ2AU from Bulgaria. I am feeling more and more convinced that her excellent results are not because of cavalier's behaviour of the other male contesters:-) Jose - EA1AKS from Spain follows her in the 3rd place.

Multi Op. Categories didnít attract so many participants this year. This category should be used as a training or a lesson for newcomers in RTTY contesting. A very good example for this was Shelby - K4WW who took Terry - KB4DOV into the enjoyment of RTTY contesting. My apology to all the others in Multi Op. categories who did approximately the same and are not mentioned here.

In the Multi Op. HP category, Tine - S50A and Robert - S57AW from S50A station reached the highest number of QSO and mults ever in this contest and they beat a team consisted of Sam - UT9FJ, Vitaly - UR0FO, Vlad - UT0FT and Anna - US-F-55, with the special call, EO10F from Ukraine. Third places goes to a team from Russia where two Vladimirs - RA4LW & RN4LP operated as RI4M.

The first 3 places in the Multi Op. LP category were divided between " next-door" neighbours. Sefik Causevic - T94MZ together with Adem - T94LW from Bosnia-Herzegovina won this category. Slovenian team S53S operated by Marko - S50N, Kristjan - S57IIO and Mitja - S57LWG followed them in 2nd place. Third place goes to their Croat neighbours 9A7P, composed of two young and perspective contesters Patrik - 9A5AEI and Hrle - 9A6XX.

The contest rules were changed in some aspects last year. There is a restriction for 10 band changes for all categories per full hour to baffle someone's plans to have two signals at the same time. Please be aware that we are supporting new techniques very much as well as new technology development but the goal is to create conditions the same as much as possible for all the participants in the contest. We do not have any intention to change the rules on this subject at this time.

We believe that there should not be any question about the logs also. Only electronic logs (e-mail or floppy disk) will be accepted in the future as well. Logs in Cabrillo format are very much desired. There is a wide range of different RTTY software which support Cabrillo format.

Congratulations to all the winners. Certificates will be awarded to all the top scores in each of the 4 entry categories, each participant who made at least 200 QSO will also receive a certificate. A special plaque will be awarded to the first finisher in each of the four categories.

All logs were converted into the Cabrillo format. A database of all worked call signs and a four-digit report was built and logs cross-checked against it. All the claimed scores were recalculated, some of them were lower and some have been even improved due to wrong initial scoring or overlooked mults. TNX again to OM Mirko - S57AD, who has done all the log checking.

Since all logs were processed through the precise computer analysis you can obtain your NIL reports (BAD files) from: rtty@hamradio.si


Maybe it will be interesting for you to know when the average participant in the SCC RTTY 2001 got his/her first radio licence. Based on statistics calculation of all the valid contacts the average year of the first license was 1973. So an average RTTY contester has app. 28 years of previous experiences in amateur radio. A long period, isn't it?

73 & will be seeing you in the SCC RTTY 2002

Robert Bajuk, S57AW,

SCC RTTY director