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 Updated: 31.10.2021

EU HF Championship 2021
CW/SSB - High Power CW/SSB - Low Power
LZ5R (op. Milen Dimov) Mindaugas Jukna, LY4L
"9A5K Memorial" / Sponsor: Emir Memić, E77DX "E77E Memorial" / Sponsor: BHCC
CW - High Power CW - Low Power
9A5Y (op. Vedran Čarapović) Sergei Fesenko, UX1AA
Sponsor: Simon Sintič, S53K Sponsor: Lithuanian Radiosport Federation
SSB - High Power SSB - Low Power
Tonno Vahk, ES5TV Stefan Radu, YO7SR
"E77W Memorial" / Sponsor: E7DX Team Sponsor: Jure Vraničar, S57XX
EUHFC 2021 results became official and final on 31 Oct 2021
Corrections after the publication of preliminary results

Correction #1 (23.10.2021): Mult '49' from F8DGY is not valid. All scores were recalculated and mult 49 removed from all logs, QSO credit but no multiplier credit.

Correction #2 (23.10.2021): False band change violation penalty corrected in some logs

Correction #3 (23.10.2021): Minor correction in HB9DUR log (false mode error for 1 QSO)

Correction #4 (24.10.2021): Minor corrections, scores recalculated

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