Soapbox EU HF Championship 2020



Lots of fun as usual. Only simple wire antennas used. Thank you all for the QSOs!   



Nice test! 73 Vlado 9A5MPV



Rig: FT-817 - 5 watts - dipole



Elecraft K2/100, homemade multiband inv. V



FT-1000MP 100W 24m longwire



K2, 10W, Vertical (10m long)       

On and off, just for fun. Great activity and nice sporadic E condx! 73 Fabian



QRP 5 watt from FT817 via Z11 >> 2 ele-mini-yagi MFB23 (20, 15, 10m) >>off-center-fed dipole FD3



Nice test again



Thanks for all QSOs, had some small issues with the remote (sometime CW was not clear from the PC but the key worked, and lost about 6x CAT control) but overall it went smooth. I have QRL tonight and could only stay until 22z but had fun operating the EUHFC from North America ;-) Started after breakfast, made small lunch and coffee breaks and stayed until dinner. Thanks for the nice format. TS-480 (100W) Remote Rig TH-11DX and dipoles for 40m-160m 

73 Matt - NU4E - DJ8OG    



My first EU HF Championship. Had a lot of fun. Heavy QRN on the low bands due to thunderstorms.



Poor propagation for 5w and a stealth dipole in the attic



Trx: XIEGU g90

Pwr: 20 w

Ant: endfed



No 160m ant and just 10h op time



Mni tnx for nice qsos. Vy 73 Torsten, DL1MHJ



Today unfortunately not much time for the contest - 2021 then more ...

73 de Harald



The conditions for the contest were good and it was a lot of fun to work the European radio stations.



Licence since 11th july 2020. This is my fist contest, I hope this fileformat is correct






My previous participation in this contest was more than 10 years ago... Was short from my goal - 1000 Q and mult 300. 10m openings for LP were a bit too up-and-down here and the other antenna (a small XR-5 multibander) has too few elements (2) for a decent signal. Probably should have been more on 20m also. Low bands were tough, especially 160m, where my strange shape inv-L is clearly not enough for 100W... Pleased with 40m, where UA2FZ's AD-3446 is doing well.       

Rigs: 2x FTDX3000 

Ant: AD-3446; Force 12 XR-5 ; inv vee (80m)  inv-L (160m)   

73, Arvo



Grr, first 6 hours out of electricity, after 200qsos winkeyer stop working. This year was my second op Mr. Murphy!



Tnx for EUHF Contest



Used FT990 80watts + 2x41m Zepp



FT-817 + delta loop



It's been far too long since I tried this one. Pleased to be able to put in a (near) full time effort. Antennas were a fan dipole 80-10 at 40 feet (not quite resonant) and a low inverted-L for 160m. Great activity, but from here tougher than I remembered. Better antennas on the way... Thanks for the QSOs and the fun. 73 Lee G0MTN



SD worked well, friendly contest, conditions quite good



Great fun as always. I though activity was not so high. Very focal



Ri: FT450

Pwr: 100w

Ant 1: YP3 yagi 3 el.

Ant 2: GPN4B



Lost weak sigs from East on upper bands due to S7 electric power line noise ... TNX QSO's/73



RIG: H/M Jupad-20-CW QRP rig, H/M Rybakov 20m vertical



Icom756pro 100w

3el yagi * GP-s



Ic7000, vertical



I am sending my modest photo configuration. Homemade Shamrock loop antenna + long wire 20m = 40m.  They work on an excellent enriched CHA 250 F transformer, my idea to use fider as winding. Thank you for a great contest. GL, 36.6, 73! :)

Adam, HF7ST





The first contest since the Covid lockdown. Had a lot of preparation. Introduced stub-pairs for improving the interstation interference situation. Actually almost all band combinations are good however there is no magic on a 40 x 17m square where all the antennas located. I need to do something with 40m-20m combo as the propagation seems to be back (building up at least). Had a glitch right before the start when the band decoder driver IC gave it up. Took a horror 15 minutes until found out that the failure is not with the MP's RX. Lucky me I had plenty of spare from this IC.     

Still having the 3el @5m for 15m. It was painful to see the increasing QSO totals on All my second tower dreams was drained this spring due to the local regulations but I have to do something...

Almost 20% better score compare to last year so objective completed. True, I had lot of mistakes which made the UBN expensive.    

Thanks for the calls. CU in WW SSB. 73! Csaba HA3LN / HG3N     







Elecraft K3 100 watts

Force 12 C-4S (2 elements on 14/21/28 MHz shortened dipole on 7 MHz)

Kelemen dipole for 3.5 and 1.8 MHz



Had to give up after few hours. QRM here 40/20/15m S8-S9, could only read the big gun stations. Hope for another better luck - 73



Not enough time this year.



Just a little time to have fun. Good propagation but strong storms in the evening which ruined the competition.

73, Giulio I3LTT



Two stations called me and passed 49. COMPLIMENTS!! Lost over 2 hours trying to repair 80 meters antenna but no success , very few QSOs made. 160 meters with 9+10 QRN and lot of statics. But anyway lot of fun and this is the important thing. CU next year!         



This contest very good, I’am happy, TNX!



Two big storms, one in the afternoon and one in the evening .... Icom 765 100 watt Heil C4, clone antenna Optibeam 11-3 home made, Vertical delta loop for 40mt, inverted L for 80/160... 73 Luigi



Only 2hrs available but was funny



Ts-2000 95w, ant. LW



Thanks to Gius IT9VDQ for his big help, just the day before the contest, in setting up at least some wires to be active on 40 and 80m. Unfortunately, no antenna for 160m was available in time. That limited a lot the final score, because the loss of a few dozen of valuable multipliers. Anyway, lot of fun on high bands, widely opened most of the contest long.  TNX FR ALL QSOs!

Joe, IT9BLB  

one of IB9T  



Ottimo contest, ottima propagazione, molte stazione Europa presenti, solo 100watt antenna loop 10/40m e ic-736.



Very very hot 35°, tnx all



My first EUHF Contest



My first EUHF Contest



Only 10 hours, strong storm at 22utc and QRT

73 Andrea



First time in EU HF, great fun! see you next year 

73 de IZ2DII Damiano


IZ6TSA (SSB LP Winner)

I operated from IR6T (in JN63QM), from where I operated also the last year edition.


Below are listed my conditions in contest:

Rigs: 2 x Yaesu FT1000

Accessories: 6x2 Antenna Matrix, RA6LBS band pass filters, MK2R+

Software:, single PC with dual keyboard.


- 10m: 5 over 5 over 5 elements (bottom fixed to NW)

- 15m: 5 over 5 over 5 elements (bottom fixed to NW)

- 20m: 4 over 4 elements fixed to NW, 4 elements fixed to North, 4 elements rotatable

- 40m: 3 elements @38m rotable + inv V dipole @10m

- 80m: 1/4 spaced 4 square

- 160m: inv V dipole @18m

- Rx antennas: 230m North beverage (used in 80m and 160m)


All antennas are full size monobanders.


Here is the snapshot of the shack and the whole antenna system.





73 Nicolò, IZ6TSA



Fun contest, lot of station to work. Last time I take part in this contest was in 2014. Goal was 500 QSO's, not reached, but made 458 q's. Started late 1303 z, due to work, get visit at home also. So 2 breaks in contesting, NeXT year i Lock the door...hihi.. So, a bit under 8 hour work, will take part NeXT year for sure.   



Very fun! Will be back next year!



80m dipole with tuner on other bands



Operator-age: 84


LY4A (SSB HP Winner)

For first thanks for QSO's. This year have hard preparation for EUHFC 2020 by some big works with 10m band H-frame and new PA. Short with the time to fully check all antennas and propagation, just no time for it. But anyway contest was nice with good rates.      

Mr. Murpy this time arrived to me on 160m band at the end of contest two hours by moving to 160m and 20 minutes CQ found that something wrong with antenna. So missed one hour for check it and repair. The problem just by lawn mowing moved up the cable and destroy wire from radials. So worked only with center wire of cable :) what destroy the cable? Finally have to cute half of the cable and add new one 70m and get around 40 minutes time for 160m. This help me not to lose all multipliers.


Short description of my setup used in EUHFC 2020.


Used SO4R setup with 4x ICOM 775DSP of course this is not the realy SO4R because in EUHFC we have limited band changes.


Software used for many years is N1MM and recording software by MP3recorder...


Antennas used:

160m band - 1/4 wave Vertical 41m

80m band - 3el Fullsize Longboom Yagi 36m Up and Dipole

40m band - 5el Longboom Yagi 39m Up and 2el Yagi 22m Up fixed to Europe

20m band - 6el Longboom Yagi 35m Up, 4el OWA Yagi Fixed to 90 degrees 27m up, 3el Fullsize YAGI Fixed EU 220 degrece 21m up

15m, band - 6el Yagi, 6el Fullsize YAGI 34m up, 5el Fullsize LongBoomYAGI Fixed to 90 degrees 28m up

10m band - 4x6el OWA Yagi H-frame upper antenna 42m up, 6el OWA fixed to 210 degrece







73 Roli, LY4A



I was using 5W QRP to 2 dipoles, 4 Squaere GP (40m) and Yagi for high bands. Thanks to all who heard my sigs, 73!         



My best result so far from my modest city dweller's station. With no 160m. Always aimed to reach 1000 qso. Now need to set new target. Call history file is a joke or diversion. 20% wrong exchanges. Better stay off of this file.    

Kenwood TS-590, 1/4 multiband vertical



Same story....Big multiplier, but not enough QSO's. Anyway, thanks for the great contest. It was my 20th time in EUHFC. My best score ever in LP CW.        

73, Sam LY5W (cu in WAEDC CW next weekend)



4+hours of fun. Tnx QSOs     

73! Andy LY7Z



I turned on the radio just for fun without an antenna at 160m. Thank you all for QSO! 73'Aleko



Good condition, but still from the center of half a million city was very heavy at 80 and 40m. It turned out that the antenna for 160m was torn at the top of the mast without being seen ..... however, with the antenna for 6m I made 4 contacts. Extremely dynamic contest and very good activity from Europe. Thanks to everyone who called me. 73! LZ4A/LZ1YQ   



I was not meant to operate in 2020 EUHFC from LZ5R. I have some health issues, so I went to LZ5R location just to set the station up for LZ3HI - SingleOp CW and LZ1ZF - SingleOp SSB.  A few hours before the contest started, LZ3HI had an emergency call and he had to go home. So, I decided to participate in place of LZ3HI, although I was not really prepared to. LZ1ZF was operating from the same station on SSB only. We had to share the band openings, so we both didn't work efficiently.

I was using my usual 2BSIQ setup as a single RUN, but it helped me to change the bands real fast. I'm usually bringing my own PC for the 3rd radio, where I have installed all the software I need. This time I had to use the 3rd radio /which is 3 meters away from the place I sit/ with a local PC and remote control it. I was not using any audio switching, so I had to listen to the 3rd radio on a PC's loudspeaker. I didn't use any kind of panadapter or local CW skimmer.


RUN: 2x IC-7800, used only one at a time.
S/P: TS-590SG

Antennas used
10m: 2x 7/7/7/7
15m: 2x 6/6/6
20m: 2x 6/6/6
40m: 2x 4/4
80m: 2x 3el
160m: Vertical, Beverage, DHDL
Inband: Yagi 4-bander, GP

73 de Milen, LZ5DB



Usual setup: Old TS850SAT with 700-900W PA and simple antennas. First hour produced 160 QSo on ten meters, which is my personal best for EU HFC. Later I screw up strategy with band changes and lose precious time. Anyway I am pretty happy with the result, specially with multiplier. It is clear that I am weak on 15/40/160 - a place for improvement. Thanks for calling! 73 Nasko



QRT @ 20:00HRS, NO LF antennas up so a short Triband entry to give out a few points to the deserving.    

73 Shaun, M0BJL.   



I enjoyed using SD. Thank you.



More time to take part this year, so a few more QSOs in the log this time!



SRI, I am presently not too well thus limited operating for contacts & contest.



Enjoyed the contest, 1st time taking part.



I really had a LOT OF FUN during the 12 hours of doing morse code (TIME ON 11:03) ! This time I increased my normally used speed a little bit to 29 wpm because most of the signals were absolutely BIG.

I can't remember that I had more than 100 contacts in a contest on 10 meters during the last years !!! Band was open exactly during the needed operating time and apart from that a lot of activity on all other used bands so sometimes it was a truly hard decision to leave a just now used band to get new mults on another band.         

In the last hours of the contest it seems that some people had problems to operate because of QRN and thunderstorms ... 40 m was soooo crowded this evening so it was really hard to find any free space for a CQ call so i mostly did S&P on 40 m (totally i made 83 RUN & 394 S&P QSO).  

Congratulations to my friend Mario DD7CW, who was really busy that time ... he got his highest rate with 329 q/h (!) from 2000 to 2100z - congrats Mario 😎 !

Thanks for all the contacts - it was a pleasure to work all of you! This contest was a very good practice for me so ... cuagn in the WAE DX Contest CW next weekend 😋

73 de Michael OE1CIW         



Thank you



SO1R: FT1000MP + Alpha 91b

Last minute decision (on Friday) to operate from OH1F. Quite good propagation



Licensed since 1953.

IC-756PRO II, max. 50 w, triband yagi (10/15/20), trap dipole

Total time on = 4h27min

All 5 bands were open. Tnx for fun!



80w, vertical loop



Ft840, ACOM1010 - 600w

10 el. LP, dipol



SD log - UFB

In my age, I can not hold up the whole time



Pwr 100w, ANT trap dipole



Rig: IC-756PRO III - 100w, antena[s] 3el.yagi, long wire 82m



Ic-7300 + hexbeam + dipole



I love this contest for several reasons - length, high activity and both analog modes. After great success (for me) in the IARU Championship I decided for CW-only category. I have improved the strategy from last year and am very glad I kept pace with stations on the edges of the EU. The rule max 10 band changes in one hour forces to adjust standard SO2R operation - I was strictly following N1MM changes counter so I hope I will not lose QSOs as in the last year because of more than 10 changes. I made 77% of QSOs by S&P. In the online scoreboard it was very tough and motivating competition in the top 10 places - I am glad that more and more fellows are connected.       


RIG: SunSDR MB1 + IC756, microHAM MK2R+, Station masters, Stack master, switches...   

ANT: 160: Inv. V @ 19m (63 ft.)   80: Inv. V @ 19m 40: 3-el Yagi (AD-3446) @ 25m (82 ft.) + Inv. V @ 19m        

20/15/10: 3-el tribander ECO @ 20m (66 ft.), 3-el Spiderbeam @ 20m, 4-el Yagi (AD-3446) @ 25m (82 ft.) SW: N1MM+ 


Thank you all for calling me or answering my call!        

73! Martin   



100w Flex-6400 remoted 25km far. ANT:  dipole / vertical / 4sq / yagi



Tcvr ICOM 735, 90 watts

An: random wire + LC Matchbox

Tnx qso all participants

Age 89 yrs.





TS590s, ant GAP Titan DX, pwr 100w



Good luck to all



The propagation was good and 10 m was open for Europe. So it was fine to work in the contest. I enjoyed it. Till next year. 73 de Leon, ON5WL



Too hot in the shack for high power. So relaxed contesting with drink breaks, ventilator and 100W. 10 and 15 were fine so hopping between those bands, Of course the low bands were noisy but 80 and 40 were not too bad. 160 in August, with 100W and a broken recieve loop was a struggle. Nice contest with fast exchanges. I especially like the 10 changes per hour rule preventing the SO2R stations from CQing for hours on a band without serious listening.         

IC7610, KT34a and dipoles at 20 meters + N1MM



That was huge fun! My best result in QSO, mults and score. It's what you get with 10m and 15m being open, or 'less closed'. I do run into the limits of my small station and location...    

Glad to hear and work rookie OT5Z. I hope we'll see him in our logs more and more.  73!      



Elecraft K3S - 100 watt

Beam for 10-15-20m + dipole for 40-80m



Great contest with fair conditions. Thanks for the QSOs

Vy 73 de Steve, OZ3SM



Rig: FT817, 5 watts in SSB

Antennas: sloping delta loop / windom as inv. Vee



Great activity and nice conditions

IC7610 + SPE 1k3 into Hexbeam worked UFB.



Vy nice contest. TNX fer hamspirit

SD user. UHFB Log program.



One of the best contests in Europe, very well organized, TNX for the organisation and for a pleasant contest



Worked from holiday location in Aalden JO32



Rig: ICOM IC-7400

Pwr: 25 w

Ant: 6-bands Hex-beam homemade & HY-GAIN vertical AV-640



All QSO's made with 5-watt QRP and dipole antenna at 20m up



Had fun particiapting for a few hours ... Condx seemed to be OK for Europe. CU next year & tnx for organizing!



Icom-718, 100wt. Ant. Rectangular loop


R2AA (Mixed HP Winner)


160 – GP 46mtrs, Inv Vee, 3 el yagi (wires, but I didn’t use it during EUHF)

80 – 4 SQ, GP 46 m, 3 delta loop (EU), 1-wave QUAD (at 40 m), wires

40 – 5 el, 3 el, 4SQ, 3 delta loop vertical, wires

20 – 6/6/6, 5/5, 4, tribanders

15 – 6/6, 6,5, tribanders

10 – 6/6, 7, tribanders

9 х beverages


5 TRCVRS & 5 PCs

Radios: FT-2000 & 5000

Software: N1MM+


It seems there were much more guys in this year contest (perhaps because of Covid)


Please check the video that could show you some more details about the shack (IARU 2020):




73 Jack, R2AA



FTDX-3000d, 100 wt, dipole all band



Tx:  IC 7300 95 watts

Ant: vertical multy bands



FT-2000, Inverted V



Good contest



Nice new test!



Rig: Kenwood TS-850s, antenna: Inverted V



TS590, Delta 80m, Delta 40m, Inv V 160m




Ant: 160 m - Dipole 25 m UP        

80 m - 1. Force 12 KIT80, 2. Vertical Delta loop 

40 m - 1. 2 el Yagi, Force 12 KIT 40 S-N and KIT 40 W-E        

20 m - 3 el Yagi      

15 m - 4 tl Yagi       

17 m - 7 el Yagi      




Icom 760PRO,

Inverted V 40/80, sloper 20/15m



QTH nr Valday, loc KO68LA



Tx 5watts, ant - Magloop indoor



Trx FT950,100w

Ant delta, dipole, 3el yagi 20-15-10m



IC-746, Inverted V



I would like to apologize to a number of stations that called and I could not pull them out of S9+20 db QRN that we had on 80/160m.         



TS590sg, - ENDF ant. length 40m, VERTICAL ant.'s 40-80, INV L. 80-160,    

N1MM soft.           

73! Borut S50B



Had time just for couple of hours to share some points with special call ...  Some configuration N1MM Cat issues with the rig




FT-2000, Expert 1.3K-FA linear amplifier and antenna farm on S54E contest location. Not very good conditions, thunderstorms all arround therefore a lot of noise on lower bands. During thunderstorm, something happened with 80m vertical, became unusable. Also I had to disconect all for more than an hour for thunderstorm to passed by. See you next year!



“Stay at home” and work EUHFC contest. Fun as allways. 73


S52W (@S54O)

TS 590, 3el + dipoles         

At last the upper bands were in good shape, but the thunderstorms nearby destroyed 160 and 80m band. All in all, it was not so bad.  73 Damjan S52W



73 Niko, S53A


S53M (S51FB)

Thanks to all QSO's.

Top 5 countries in S53M log:        

UA 117         

DL 113         

LY 113

S5 68 

G 64  

73 de Miha, S51FB  



No cluster!    

No voice keyer!       

No CAT control!       

No rotating tower!   

No second antenna system!

No beverages!        

Yes QRN!!!   

No, no, no... 



Tnx for all QSO’s. CU in next one.

73, Ivo S57AL         






That was a blast! I got the idea of working this one last week and did not plan to do any SO2R but decided to get the inband setup running on the SO2R position. And I am really glad I did because I worked 397 QSOs S&P and I believe most of those were on the 2nd radio inband. And it does not only boost the score but makes it so much more fun to operate as well.

Not the best sporadic E but at least 10m and 15m was decent, but I did fall behind on these bands in the beginning. However a new SM record at least and I did not feel I could have done much things to make it better. It is always scary in the beginning when 10m is somewhat open and you don't really know if this is the best it will be or if it will improve later.

I tried to avoid running too much on 160m because I could not do S&P on the same band with the second radio so rate did not get as high as on 80/40m. I need to put up a proper antenna for 160m at the inband site.       

I used DXLog and it worked really well. The team has done huge improvements from when I tried using it last time Single Op.  

160m: 1/4 vertical  

80m: 4-SQ   

40m: 3/3el + 2/2el + 4-SQ

20m: 6/6/6el + 5/5el + 4el @EU  

15m: 6/6/6/6/6el + 6/6el  

10m: 6/6el + 6el @46m    


80m: Inv vee @25m

40m: 2el @32m      

20-10m: 16el tribander @26m     

2xK3 + ACOM 2000A 



KX3-KXPA100, Inv. vee 80-40m, vertical 40-10m



I drove 150 km by car to my home from a vacation trip, sat down at once in radio room and had a 1 hour 14 minutes short operation hi!



Station setup

Rig: FT1000MP MARK-V Field, PA Home Made(on 160m only 100W)         

Ant: 2el QUAD 20/15/10m made by SP3GEM  Dipole (80m), inv V (40,30m), LW (160m)       

CW - WinKeyer by K1EL & RigExpert Standard

Soft Contests: Win Test v. 4.30 by F5MZN & F6FVY      

Loging: DX4WIN v. 9.06 by KK4HD         



Rig: FTDX-3000 abt 50 wtts; Ant.: LW for all bands



Radio: Icom 746 only 100w

80 monoband dipol

Antena vertical 7-band



Ft817nd 5w+speech compressor; ant GP balcony; 75m ASL



Pleased to see the excellent expedition activity this year.



Straight key, no computer, worked from my summer house



Trx - TS590SG, dipole Inv V, GP7



Trx: FT857d 80w

Ant: Bazooka



FT-440, ant WD-330



Rig-IC746; pwr-100w; ant-GP



Very interesting and enjoyable, but regretfully I had local problems. TM10GFT, easy does it



My rig Ft-450, power 100 watts, my antenna W3DZZ, 73!





Good luck contest!



SDR-1000, ant G3XAP



Good contest, tks! GL!



Delta loop:  3,5 - 21,0 MHz



Icom 746 pro, Pa=100 wtts, Ant=GP7DX



Ic-756pro3, vertical



Mini sw2017, 15w, Ant Delta L= 84 m


UT4LW (CW LP Winner)


20-15-10m - Spider with fast switching forth/back.

40-80-160 - dipoles with Traps for 3.5 and 7.0 MHz. Add two of the switching elements for a 40m band west / east.


Transceiver: SunSDR2PRO, KXPA100 amplifier.


Transceiver: ExpertSDR2

Log: 5MContest

SDC (CW/RTTY/PSK Skimmers, Telnet Server, the amplifier controls).


An example of operation of the software:




73 Yuri, UT4LW



Trx - miniyes + pa 100 w, ant - 1-el Delta loop 85m



5MContest software

Radio 1 / Antennas:

SunSDR MB1 (used for the 1st time during EUHFC)

OM Power Amplifier

10m: 7 el. Yagi

15m: 6 over 6 el. Yagi

20m: 6 over 6 el. Yagi

40m: 3 el. Yagi

80m: 2 el. Yagi

160m: dipole


Radio 2 / Antennas:

Elecraft K3

OM Power Amplifier

10m: 7 el. Yagi

15m: 4 el. Yagi

20m: 4 el. Yagi

40m: 3 el. Yagi

80m: dipole



73 Victor, UW1M (UR5MW)


UW7LL (Mixed LP Winner)


Icom IC-7600

Yaesu FT1000D

Yaesu FT1000D


The antennas I used were:

10m: 6 over 6 el. Yagi

15m: 6 over 6 el. Yagi

20m: 5 over 5 el. Yagi

40m: full size 4 el. long Yagi

80m: 41m GP and 2el. Delta Loops

160m: 41m GP and INV V


My SO2(3)R is DL-3R (my own design)


Short video to YouTube:


This is a Contest location which belongs to UR3EO, but I do almost all maintenance of radios and antennas there.





73 Yarik, UW7LL



Radios / SO2R:

Icom 7600

Icom 7300


6x2 antenna swith R-quad, and 2 band decoder R-quad

SO2R switch Double-L

N1MM+ (1PC - 2 keyboard)



160m - GP 27m ~ 45 radials

80m   - SPITFIRE (over 60 radials)

40m - 4 el. full size yagi, boom 18m, 30m up

20m - 6 el. monoband yagi (rotary), boom 16m, 25m up

15m - 6 el. monoband yagi (rotary), boom 15m, 15m up

10m - 6 el. monoband yagi (rotary), boom 11m, 15m up


On 20m, 15m and 10m also use fix big tribander - 17m boom (6el+6el+11el) (20-15-10m) up 20m direction to Europe.


I use a 20m band stackmatch and can turn on a tribander and a monobender at the same time, or separately.


The position is located outside the city in a fairly quiet RF place. In winter on 160m use 7-8 BV's, but in this contest it is irrelevant :)


I do not leave the radio in position, and I install them every time before the test. But there is nothing unusual - everything is standard, like everyone else SO2R.




73 Sergei, UX1AA



Setup:- Icom 756 Pro2, 1 kW. - Tribander GXP-7 20/15/10m bands, 13m high - Fan InvV 80/40m bands, 12m high apex - 12m high T-vertical

Thanks for the QSOs and fun!

73 Agris/YL2VW



Sunsdr-2; 10wt; Ant Inv. v






TS590s 100 w + Inv v & R8



Tnx all ! Unfortunately 160m TX antenna has been broken. I fixed that 1,5 hours before end :) Anyway great contest! 73 Arvis



Icom Ic-7300, 90w, Diamond CP6...73 Szigy.



TCVR Home made 100w, vertical ant



For my friend Ven from Maribor, ex YU3WP

Rig: Kenwood Ts-450sat 100 w; ant: FD4



Rig Yaesu ft857d, pwr 80 w, ant dipole



Tried to build an inverted L for 80 meters, failed. Raised a 10 meter height vertical for 40 meter band just about 11 PM local time during contest. This is definitely not a contest for single band only. Fun contest, 73's to all. Gabriel YO8RXP        



Ft-1000mp + pa 400w

Deltaloop V, A3S



FTDX-101D, ACOM 2000A  

160m: INV-L

80m: GP       

40m: Dipole  

20m: 5 el YAGI @ 30m      

15m: 5 el YAGI @ 15m      

10m: 5 el YAGI @ 10m





My first EU HF. I thank "Sevojno" Radio Club YU1AAX-YT9X for providing the rig and contest location.

73 Janko, YU3EEA