27th EU HF Championship - 2020

Every first Saturday in August, EU contesters compete for the title of European Champion. The constant good activity and praises for the contest organization are the biggest reward for all of us who are trying to maintain such a standard of EUHFC Contest. Contest is running since 1994 and EUHFC 2020 was 27th in turn.


We experienced traditional very high activity again, total number of QSOs for which we received logs is 25% more than in year 2019. It might be that this is also a consequence of Covid19, more people were at home this summer than usual and EUHFC is suitable for surviving lockdown :-)


That also resulted in the highest number of received log ever - 1515. Statistics of the received logs by years is available here. More than 92% QSOs were cross-checked. We experienced nice EU opening on 10m, low bands were very noisy in the evening. Many areas experienced thunderstorms and all the problems which come with such a weather.


EUHFC is a high rate contest, the winner of MIX HP category Jack, R2AA logged 2288 QSOs in 12 hours what is really enviable. This means a constant average of 190 QSO/h or 3.2 QSO/min, taking into account the limitations of changing bands and mode.


This year is also the year of records, new all-time records have been set in both Mixed categories and in both CW categories. Several zones records were also improved. All current / all-time EUHFC records can be viewed here.


European Russia regained the title of national winner after this crown was taken away from them by persistent Lithuanians last year. They are followed by Lithuania (LY) on 2nd place. 3rd place again belongs to Ukraine (UR) this year. Congratulations! Complete results ranged by DXCC are available here.


Some statistics from EUHFC 2020 (1515 logs)



All (different) calls in database: 7.756
Number of QSOs: 545.116 (+25% from 2019)

CW QSO: 443.169 (81.30%)
SSB QSO: 101.947 (18.70%)

CW has been and will remain the king mode in EUHFC, the majority of participants are in CW categories.


Total unique calls in database: 4269

Common calls in database: 3460

Busted calls in database: 3615


Cross-checked 503.636 (92.39%) out of 545.116 QSO



Failure to comply with contest rules

The Contest Committee has carefully checked all the logs, different data sources, recordings, DXcluster network logs etc... and adopted the following decisions:


NOT CLASSIFIED (due to penalties in previous contests)

Nine (9) stations are Not classified in EUHFC 2020 (logs are used as Checklog) being penalized in previous contests in year 2019 (see chapter 12 of actual contest rules):

DP4M - op. DJ4MH, DQ as DP7D in EUHFC 2019
EW3W - DQ in EUHFC 2019
IZ2FOS - DQ in EUHFC 2019
IV3KKW - DQ as member of IO5O in CQWW SSB 2019
OK2BFN - DQ as member of OM7M in CQWW SSB & CW 2019
UT3IZ - DQ as member of EM2Q in CQWW CW 2019
IU8HEP - DQ in CQWW CW 2019
OM4AZF - DQ as member of OM7M in CQWW CW 2019
RA3Y - DQ in CQWW CW 2019


We are not particularly pleased to announce but the Contest Committee had to sanction certain stations again this year, mostly because of self-spotting which we clearly point out every year.


These stations were reclassified to Checklog due to detected irregularities, most of them because of self-spotting: IU0DUM, LB4UH, R7AW, SP7O, SP7WTC, SQ4CTS, YT1T. Details are available here.


S56P was disqualified due to intensive self-spotting. Disqualified operator will not be classified in European HF Championship standing in 2021.


However, we can conclude that we are pleased to detect less violations of the rules each year. There can be two explanations; whether the participants really adhere more to the contest rules or whether the Contest Committee is less successful in detecting violations.


Please also note that the competition runs exactly from 12:00 UTC to 23.59 UTC. QSOs before and after the contest are not valid. All QSOs after 23:59:59 (also checked by the SDR recordings) were removed from the logs, some of them were logged even 2 minutes after the contest. Please do not do this, it is a violation of the rules, we will have to sanction such a behaviour in the future.


As we emphasize each year ... SDRs and other modern technology are of great help in identifying non-compliance with the contest rules (more than one signal at the given time, “fake” / padded QSOs, …). Full contest is recorded at different locations and all committee decisions have valid and stable basis. Most of the logs also contain the exact operating frequencies, frequencies are also cross-checked. Every log with the exact frequencies, no matter how big it is, is very important and also of a great help for contest committee decisions. The Competition Committee would like to thank all who sent their logs, that is also the reason that we managed to achieve such a high percentage of cross-checked QSOs.


All logs have been processed with various sophisticated algorithms and a lot of double-check work has been done to review different types of errors in the logs.


Results and UBN reports are transparent and public.


Our congratulations to OM Valentin, RK2M (licensed since 1955) for the most accurate log, 463 CW QSOs with no errors. He is followed by EI8JX (353 QSO) and LZ1VKD (350 QSO), all CW contacts, no errors found in the logs as well. See the complete 'Top 100' Honor-Roll List here. Great job!


Some contesters have been active in EUHFC in all 27 years, we respect that very much. You can see the Top 100 EUHFC list here.
Once again - participants please read the rules before the contest!


Next EUHFC will be held on 7th of August 2021!

Our congratulations to the prize winners!


Robert Bajuk, S57AW

SCC Contest Manager

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