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EU HF Championship Contest 2019
CW/SSB - High Power CW/SSB - Low Power
Arunas Vaglys, LY5E Mindaugas Jukna, LY4L
"9A5K Memorial"  "E73W Memorial"
Donor: Emir Memic, E77DX Donor: Bosnia and Herzegovina Contest Club
CW - High Power CW - Low Power
Matija Brodnik, S53MM Zvonko Karnik, 9A5Y (9A3LG)
Donor: Karl D. Bucar, S52AW Donor: Simon Sintic, S53K
SSB - High Power SSB - Low Power
Rolandas Jokubauskas, LY4A Nicolo Tonci, IZ6TSA
Donor: Robert Kasca, S53R Donor: Lithuanian Radiosport Federation
EUHFC 2019 results became official on November 1, 2019
Verified by the SCC Contest Committee

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