EUHFC becomes one of the most interesting and attractive HF contest. That prove comments from competitors and increasing number of participants. This year we have received 370 logs what shows more than 20% increase against last year. The number of call signs in our data base, coming out from 150 computerized logs (not existed calls are extracted) counts 2900. Out of them 900 are shown only once, 1000 are in logs more than twice and 1000 between 10 and 380 times. The data shows that number of participants (especially in SSB category) are just random and surprisingly give valuable points and special multipliers,too. Wrong given reports are now very rare which means that EUHFC is widely known also among non-contest community. This year's contest shows noticeable increase of participants in CW category (181 logs), decrease interest for MIX category (only 54 logs) and comparable SSB category with last year (106 logs). There were 27 SWL and check logs this year. We have provided E-mail submission of the logs first time and about 15% of all logs came that way.

European HF champion for 1997 is Ben, DL6FBL, the winner of MIX category who was the only one to gain more than 300k points, followed by Dan, S50U operated from one of remote contest locations in Slovenia  and Timo, OH1MDR from well known OH1AF station.

In CW category on highest three positions were three contesters who was on top list of mix category previous year. European CW champion is "Suomen poika", last year's champion Pasi, OH1MM (ex OH1NSJ), second is Girt, YL8M (YL2KL) and third Dan, LY6M (LY1DS). Both Girt and Dan are known from 96 WRTC.

European SSB winner is Tine, S53EA behind the mike of S50L contest location, followed by EUHFC faithful Enzo, IK6BOB. Third is Goran, S55OO from another S5 contest mountain location of S50C.

National list is won again by S5 contesters against UA, last year's winners from LY come on third position out of 32 participating countries. It seems that S5 remote hilltop locations showed their value at the bottom of the sunspot cycle.

Between others, it is very interesting SWL report from Tine SV5/S50A who could not operate from Greece islands but listened contest activity with small AM receiver on the beaches. Although claimed scores showed possible new records in MIX and CW category (three scores claimed over 400k points), neither one reached new record. Results of winners are even lower than those from previous year. The reason is in computer log checking procedure, this year not only for call signs but also for reports.

Except for "U" (unique), "B" (bad) and "N" (not in log) we have checked also "WR" (wrong report) and extract also points for all contacts where report was not received correctly. It is amazing but about two third of mistakes come out from this source. We have found two types of mistakes here. One, where received number is close to real one and it means that operator copied one number wrong and two,reports which are by far from the right number. Final scores and results were in great extent decided by the accuracy of logging.

Average of bad contacts were on the list of top ten stations 3,2% in MIX category, 3,4% for CW and even 4% for SSB. We could not accept and put on the list stations with more than 10% bad qsos. We haven't recognized ipossible multipliers (multipliers are last two digits of year when operator obtained his first licence).

This rule is valid also for club stations and multiplier number is not the year when club was established but when licence of operator was obtained. Stations which will in future use impossible multiplier number will not be eligible for scoring and their multiplier number will be disqualified for all participants.

After four years of EUHFC we have decided to change the rules slightly. We will add LOW POWER classification for all three categories (MIX, CW, SSB) and new SWL category. New demand will go to all contesters who will use computer loging and have more than 200 qsos. They will have to send in DISK or E-mailed log. Under consideration is also rule that someone who used computer for logging and will not send disk or E-mailed log could not be put on the score list. Rules are remaining the same on all essential parts.

Again this time special thanks go to Mirko, S57AD, who put a very big effort into computer log checking procedure.Also thanks to Dan S50U who was willing to receive logs via E-mail and to all other SCC members who helped out with typing in logs without disk. Thanks also to all of you who took part in this interesting and nice contest event.

CU in 1998!

Franc Bogataj, S59AA EUHFC director      bogataj.franc@siol.net

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