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Slovenian Amateur Radio Union will celebrate the country's 30 years of Independence by issuing a special award. It will be eligible to all amateur radio enthusiasts all over the World.

For this event only, starting June 26, 00:00 UTC and until December 31 2021, 23:59 UTC, the Slovenian amateur radio stations can use special call signs. Those will add the number 30 into the suffix. For example: S50ZZ will be S5030ZZ, S51A will be S5130A, S57XXX will be S5730XXX etc.

In order to obtain the award a foreign amateur radio station must have at least 30 contacts with a S5 stations (regular and special call signs apply), out of which 10 or more with special prefixes (30). The use of any band/mode counts for the award. Same station can be worked on different bands and modes, each QSO counts as new one. Example: Working S5030ZRS on 20m CW, 40m SSB and on 20m FT8 counts as 3 QSOs.

Send the log - list of contacts (date, time, call, band and mode) to the following e-mail address: The same email also applies for any possible questions.


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The award will be issued in electronic form and will be downloadable as a PDF file from the website of Slovenia Contest Club.