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Attention! S56O is our second callsign - we use it instead of S59DHP

S56O ex S59DHP
Club location in Sevnica. Behind the building is 30+ mtrs high tower. In 1999 we put up there 3 el. 40 mtrs yagi (MAG from FORCE) and KT34XA. For lower bands we use wire antennas.
S56O ex S59DHP
This antennas were on the top of the tower until we changed them with those on upper photos. Old antennas
Lisca mt. ...once upon a time... our contest location (Lisca mt. - 948m asl) - setting up 4 J-Beam antennas.

Radioklub "Amater" S59DHP je bil od leta 1997 do leta 2008 soorganizator in odgovoren za ZRS septembrskega VHF tekmovanja ter od leta 1999 do 2008 za ZRS oktobrskega U/SHF tekmovanja.

Od leta 1999 prirejamo vsako leto eno od tekem v ARG na državnem nivoju


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